The operation of a vessel is associated with several risks and situations that may induce legal liabilities towards a third party. The P&I insurance offer the ship-owner insurance cover for claims or damages occurring to a third person. With a P&I insurance the ship-owner protects his legal liabilities towards a third party.

We have tailored P&I facility that is primarily targeted towards smaller tonnage in limited trade. The insurance is offered, as the H&M insurance, on a fixed premium basis and has a separately agreed deductible for each and every occurrence. The P&I complements the hull & machinery insurance and covers a wide range of liabilities that the ship-owner is exposed to when operating a vessel and can be viewed upon as a ticket to trade. The P&I insurance is agreed in coherence with the hull & machinery insurance to give the ship owner an essential and solid insurance solution.


The P&I insurance does not cover the ship owner’s complete legal liability but is contracted to include specified agreed liabilities, thus making the insurance flexible and offers the ship owner the possibility to obtain the cover needed. The following liabilities may be imposed on the ship-owner and are good examples on what the insurance can include:

  • Liabilities in respect of persons
  • Liabilities in respect of cargo
  • Pollution liabilities
  • Collision Liability
  • Liability for other property
  • Wreck removal

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