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Alandia hatch cover seminar in Riga


Marine Underwriting Services team had the great pleasure of organizing seminar “Hatch cover inspections, maintenance and repairs – safeguarding the owner’s interest” with our long standing partners – Alandia. The seminar was held in Riga on October 9th.

Among the attendants there were superintendents and technical managers from shipping companies from Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia.

Alandia Marine is one of the leading marine insurance providers in Scandinavia. They have significant experience in claims relating to leaking hatch covers.

Today’s hatch covers are relatively large, complex and unexpectedly refined pieces of engineering. This means that rather small errors or defects can have very damaging effects, far beyond what our everyday experience would lead us to understand. Leaking hatch covers can also lead to damage to the vessel itself i.e. flooding, accelerated corrosion and ultimately even to loss of the vessel.

The ship’s cargo hatches leak for a variety of reasons, but mainly due to poor maintenance or failure to close them properly. During the seminar Mr. Walter Vervlosem of IMSC Group of Companies, a specialist in ship inspections, hatch cover inspections, P&I related surveys, shared his extensive expertise on the design, operation and maintenance of hatch covers.

We are convinced that all participants who attended the seminar gained a lot of useful information and new knowledge how to properly and safely operate hatches. View presentation

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