We believe that the insurer can only be assessed when there is a claim under the policy. Our duty is to help our clients in the unexpected and difficult situations they may face. Swift and cooperative work together with our clients always makes it possible to settle claims in the fastest and most efficient way.


We know that problems always arise at the most uncomfortable moment and require immediate actions from the client and his insurer. You can always reach us 24/7/365 on a special emergency line (+371) 277 14 777 / (+370) 614 40 333.

All our employees have access to files and e-mails at any time. Our clients can rest assured that assistance will arrive if and when they need it. We always get ourselves involved on a very first stage of the claim, but not making conclusions based on papers like some other people do.


Over many years of experience we have established a network of surveyors and other professionals around the world, who are always available when our clients may need them. On a daily basis we are cooperating with network experts like Cesam and Lloyds, but nevertheless we also have dedicated specialist on a spot depending on a type of the claim our clients may face. Our surveyors are there to help, not to judge.


We provide our clients with legal assistance whatever the claim may occur. In case of liability claims in particular we are always providing defense against unjustified claims and offer legal support in the courts or arbitration. And it should not be forgotten that we also support our clients in case the amount of a claim is below policy deductible.


Our accumulated experience allows us not only to settle claims in the best possible way, but also to offer risk management and loss prevention services. We have access to multiple world fleet databases allowing us to assess quality of the particular ship or claims history of the fleet operator. We may look into our clients’ contracts to check the liability aspects, we may arrange risk assessment inspections in warehouses or terminals our clients intending to use for their cargoes.