We do not have any restrictions when it comes to any type of commodities, modes of transport or geographical regions. We offer quality insurance solutions for either personal belongings and fine art or sophisticated shipments of project cargo or perishable goods. We are also relaxed if cargo is shipped by courier post or transport owned by our clients.


Normally we are offering all risks cover based on standard wording of Institute of London Underwriters. At the same time these standard conditions are always extended by special covers and tailor made wordings in order to meet the requirements of each individual client. We are also offering cover during exhibitions and guarantee transports.


We do not have standard contracts or usual clients. Each risk is analyzed by our team of dedicated specialists together with our clients and their brokers. We always want full attention to each small detail in logistic chain, packing and preparation and other important aspects as our goal is clear, simple to understand and affordable insurance product for our clients.


In addition to cargo insurance against loss or damage we are offering different types of additional covers related to delay. There are solutions for consignees for loss of profit due to delay in start-up as well as for shippers, who could be subject to financial penalties in case of delay in delivery.


To be in line with demands of our clients we have created on-line cargo declaration system, which is available 24 hours a day. Besides production of certificates of insurance our system is capable of making dedicated reports based on types of commodity and voyages. It goes without saying that our system is perfectly suitable for fright forwarders insuring cargo on behalf of their customers.

Our underwriters will be pleased to give you more information on possibilities and capacity when it comes to cargo insurance.

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